Our hair was tested vigorously for over 3 years before we decided to launch the Immaculé brand. It was our priority to ensure that we were delivering the best quality hair at affordable prices to the market. We are confident that we have sourced some of the best quality hair available on the market to ensure our hair extensions are soft and long lasting.

We believe everyone woman should be able to buy good quality hair at affordable prices. Over the years we learned a lot about the grading of hair and discovered hair isn’t graded on the quality of the hair but on the consistency in the strands of hair in a bundle. Below is a breakdown of our grading system:


Our Immaculé Gold hair is 60% drawn, which means that in a 20” bundle 60% of the hair will measure 20”.


Our Immaculé Platinum hair is 75% drawn, which means that in a 20” bundle 75% of the hair will measure 20”.


Our Immaculé Gold hair is 95% drawn, which means that in a 20” bundle 95% of the hair will measure 20”.

How Do I Wash My Units?

To wash your human hair wig, follow these steps:
1) Detangle the unit with a wig brush, or a large comb. Start on the ends and work your way to the base of the cap
2) Rinse the hair with warm water, the water should be flowing in the direction as the hair to avoid tangling
3) Avoid soaking the hair in the basin, it may tangle that way
4) Using your fingers, distribute shampoo evenly throughout the hair
5) Rinse with warm water thoroughly to remove shampoo, again the water should be flowing in the direction as the hair to avoid tangling
6) Remove excess water by gently patting with a towel. Avoid squeezing the hair
7) Using your fingers, distribute conditioner throughout the hair, comb through (or use tangle teaser)
8) Remove the conditioner by rinsing with warm water. To remove excess water, pat unit dry (you may also leave unit in the towel for 5 mins also)
9) Allow wig to air dry, once dry, style as usual

Do You Have A Guanrantee on Wigs?

All Units are six months guaranteed. If your unit requires Tightening/re-stitching it can be sent back within the 6-month time frame to be fixed free of charge. Please note that the shipping costs will have to be paid by the customer.

How Do I Measure My Head?

It is super easy to get started on wearing a unit, we at Immaculé care about your perruques fitting you snuggly, so it is important that we get the right cap size for you. Below is a diagram on how to measure your head and a table chart to help you with what size you are. If your sis is a little over or a little under, send us a note with your order so we can make the adjustments. If you are ordering a U-part perruque please do so in a smaller size than your original one for a snugger fit.




Measurement table as a guideline for your wig cap


How Many Bundles Do I Need for a full unit/U-Part?

For your full head purchasing needs, we are pleased to provide a range set units with the required amount of bundles, however, units such as Foi/Nella/Shadé you have an option of extra bundles for a fuller look. Lengths longer than 16″ will need around 3-4 bundles for a fuller look or in three staggered individual lengths for a complete layered look. It is important to note that the longer the hair length the shorter the width of the track end to end. This means for maximum coverage and volume and more individual lengths may be required.

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