Here are some tips to help you care for your hair and extensions because we know how easy it is to forget about what’s underneath when you have the look you want with a weave stitched in.

Care Tip Number One

Always remember to moisturise your hair well prior to installing extensions, it doesn’t need to be greasy, however, you will notice less shedding (even if you shampoo in between). Moisturise with your normal products and sealing with Shea butter is a chosen remedy for us.

Care Tip Number Two

Getting rid of build up is a must; shampoo with clarifying shampoo (ie 1st lather shampoo KeraCare). Using a shampoo that gets rid of build-up without stripping your hair of all its moisture is a must as the aim is to keep it moisturised not dry.

Care Tip Number Three

Let your hair breathe! When wearing a weave it’s so easy to get caught up and forget about it. The aim of a weave is to keep hair protected not to create new problems. We recommend at least a 2-week break (a month is more desirable) giving you the chance treat your hair and even trim it if need be.

Care Tip Number Four

Extensions can be worn more than once; meaning you could’ve potentially made a good investment provided you purchased quality extensions, so always try to go with a reputable supplier.

Care Tip Number Five

Always test your extensions before colouring it. Patch tests are important to determine what your extensions can handle.

Care Tip Number Six

Using a net when you install is one way of determining your weaves longevity, not only is it great for those with fine hair (helps fill In gaps without adding pressure to each plait) but also allows for your install to be stitched with a closer pattern and makes it easier to remove your weave without too much difficulty.

Care Tip Number Seven

When washing your install make sure to rinse for at least 3 mins to ensure there is no build-up.

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